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At Uniquely You Counseling, we firmly believe counseling is to bring out your inner child and connect yourself to a more authentic you. We strive to cultivate a deeper relationship between mind, body, and spirit. We can’t wait to meet you!

Jordan at Uniquely You Counseling


I love to be goofy! I love to embrace my inner child and work with kids on their level. Laughing is definitely my favorite type of medicine. Why cry about it when you can laugh about it? Laughing through awkward times is my superpower. Although, I do spend time shedding some tears. I like to approach situations with a pinch of realness and dash of love. We all go through rough times, and I think it’s important to find the humor in our pain. Sometimes, we need to curl up in a blanket, eat a dessert, and laugh at ridiculous videos.

When I’m not hanging out with people talking about emotions and feelings, I like to spend time with my family, friends, and dog! I spend my weekends playing softball, boardgames, or dancing my heart out. I’m originally from Texas and moved to Colorado to attend graduate school. I love when my little sister (she’s 17 years younger than me!) flies in to hang out.

I have my Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Professional Services from Texas A&M University, Gig ‘Em.  (Class of ’15) I graduated with my master’s in Clinical Mental Health from Naropa University (’22). In between degrees, I worked in Houston, TX as a College and Career Counselor in underserved communities. This prompted my desire to become a therapist and help people of all ages dive deeper into their feelings and develop their identities.

Lindsey at Uniquely You Counseling


As a therapist, I aim to create a space where all my clients feel seen and heard through all of life’s successes and difficulties. I believe everyone is a child at heart and I operate from that perspective, bringing playfulness to each session. I offer a creative and collaborative approach, honoring each client’s unique journey. I think it is important to honor the rough patches in life, but it is equally as important to honor the joyful moments. 

I’m originally from New York and moved to Colorado in 2019 to start graduate school. When I’m not in the office, you can catch me at my favorite coffee shop or playing with my cat, Rip.  I spend my weekends practicing archery, getting into a good book, laughing with friends, and relaxing!

I have my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from St. Johns University (’19). I graduated with my master’s in Clinical Mental Health from Naropa University (’22). While pursing degrees, I worked as a private nanny for kids of all ages and a group home for girls with intellectual disabilities and autism. Being a therapist has been a life-long goal of mine, inspired by my own life experiences and passion for helping people find their own innate joy and power!

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